hi, i’m britts.

I like science and art.

I’m trying to find the balance between outrage and productivity.

I talk about mental health and faith, my own tumultuous experience with both.

I spend most of my time writing lab reports and stressing about university. A typical angst filled psych grad and current Master of Public Health. Often overtired.

When I was fifteen my exasperated latin teacher called me an angry feminist in his frustration. I was an annoying and angsty teenager who wouldn’t shut up, quietly rebelling against something. I didn’t know what yet. I’ve been an angry feminist ever since. (Thanks Mr. H. Sorry for being a punk.)

Anger felt like a sin for most of my childhood, so I swallowed my thoughts and did the sign of the cross instead of screaming. I am learning how to be angry but make it productive.

I care about public health, climate justice, and equality. I have many opinions. I am learning to speak with love and determination.

Additionally, I like ballet and musical theatre, angst journalling, and collecting stickers.

My name is Britts, I’m 24, a student, and a kid who grew up on tumblr. Professional disaster and chronic underachiever. Nice to meet you.