my hair is curly now (reflections on 21).

-(a collection of words from a late night run.)  I don’t have much to say about 21. Other than somehow I am thankful. A kind of thankful that is hidden under layers of mistrust in my own ability to be thankful for whatever all this was. These days I do not have so many words […]

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training wheels.

I still remember learning to ride a bike. My first bike was tiny, bright fluorescent pink with white tires and training wheels that were permanently attached. I outgrew it fast and it was passed down to my younger brother who told me that it was not pink, rather faded red and also a motorcycle. It […]

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mad crazy tired. (when recovering is not glamourus).

Right now I should be writing about Galenic theory and the Hippocratic school. I realise that this is procrastination in a charade of productivity. I just cleaned my kitchen and my bathroom, too. My hands are still dry from dish soap. I miss writing. Even my journal is more collected pieces of paper, scraps of […]

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A kind of writers block that isn’t quite writers block. 

I’ve had a pretty good few months writing wise. I’d go as far as to say I’ve been on a creative high. Like, I didn’t mean to blog multiple times a week, I didn’t plan on my posts consistently surpassing one thousand words. I was proof reading my writing back and actually enjoying the process. […]

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Everything gets bad again. (and, an optimistic life spoiler)

I was sitting in bed the other night, half doing a strange combination of things, scrolling through Tumblr, listening to whatever music came up next on shuffle, reading. Mostly thinking. There’s always this strange period of time, a kind of limbo, between taking my night meds and when they actually kick in properly and I fall […]

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On Having Anxiety, Part 2//A Reflection

Part 1// I’m 18, a university student and part time admin assistant. I was sitting in my very first psychologist’s office, staring blankly at a wall, trying to ignore the sense of impending doom in my chest. We’d been discussing life, and I’d decided that it wasn’t a thing I wanted to do anymore. “I […]


Brii is back (and better than ever)

Hallo. I’m back. I haven’t written here in over a year. Nearly a year and a half. A long time. Back in January 2016, I wrote about how 2015 had been a year. Sometimes I think I jinx myself by categorising events as the most challenging ever™ because 2016 was even more of ~a year~ than […]